Our Ambition



At Ludabak professionalism is also expressed in terms of our ability to anticipate the demands of the market.

The very word “innovation” describes our natural inclination to ask ourselves questions and, hence, set our creativity in motion in order to find technical and aesthetic solutions that add value to our products and satisfaction to our work.

In a market as complex as the current one, then joining forces could be the key to looking to the future. For this reason, with a view to collaborating with our clients, we follow the entire production process, starting from the mould design and construction, delivery of the finished product, including surface finishes. This approach gives three immediate advantages: high quality, efficiency and prompt delivery times.

IMarkets in which the company operates:

Europe: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, France, Greece, Sweden, Romania, United Kingdom;

Non-European countries: Egypt, Russia, Iran, Colombia, India, Turkey, Brazil, China, Iraq, Algeria, Israel.

ICommercial premises and production units:

Italy, Iran, Colombia.

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