Thermosetting and thermoplastic products

Thermosetting and Thermoplastic: what are the differences?

Plastics fit into 2 categories: Thermosetting and Thermoplastic material.
These two have different properties and therefore the type of plastic used depends on the use and product.

The difference between Thermosetting and Thermoplastic is that:

- Thermoplastics can be heated and shaped over and over again;
- Thermosetting material can only be heated and shaped once.

A thermoplastic is a polymeric material that becomes soft and formable when heated and rigid when cooled.

A thermosetting is a material that undergoes irreversible chemical changes when it is cured through heat, catalysts, or ultraviolet light and, once cured, the thermosets plastics structure cannot be altered.

Ludabak is an Italian modern company located in the Marche region, that the 80s works in the molding thermosetting and thermoplastic materials, manufacturing technical and aesthetic products for the electrical appliance sector, for example knobs and handles for kitchen units.

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